Tennis Tumbler

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Keep your drink cold while also keeping an accurate score while playing tennis. Two team score-keeping rings align in to play to keep track of the overall set and game score for your tennis match. Perfect for local tennis courts that do not have a scoreboard. Great for tennis leagues, schools, tournaments. Don’t worry about the score, focus on the game with the Tennis Tally Tumbler

  • Team 1 & Team 2 score rings that align into place to keep an accurate GAME score from 0-7
  • Team 1 & Team 2 round tally. Keep track of the number of SETS your team has won 0-5


Additional information

30oz stainless steel tumbler, no sweat design to keep your hands dry

Soft touch silicone score keeping rings that rotate 360 degrees around the tumbler

BPA-free, dishwasher safe, sustainable material

Premium insulation technology will keep your beverage frigid during game play

No spill magnetic lid included

Cup & cart holder compatible